Law Enforcement Prep & Test Program

This 10-week program targets those who are interested in joining the Police, RCMP, Military, Firefighting, and many other professions that require high levels of physical demands.  This specialized multi-faceted program is designed to challenge participants to push the envelope, break the physical barriers, and go beyond their perceived limits.

The program consists of:

  1. Body composition measurement, i.e. skinfolding.
  2. General but career specific resistance training to improve basic physical strength.
  3. Intermediate, advanced, hardcore, and semi-military style fitness classes, ie. circuits training, obstacle courses (EPS protocol and PAREs for other law enforcement agencies, and beyond), and plyometrics to improve the aerobic and anaerobic power, and agility.
  4. Modified gymnastic classes, and Kinesis to optimize core stability and overall fitness components such as strength, endurance, power, and flexibility.
  5. Unofficial and official testing protocols. Stress tests will also be carried out.


1. What are the requirement(s) prior to joining this program?

Answer: There are no specific requirements to join the program, but if you are a beginner in resistance training, you will find it very challenging.  If you are willing to be pushed and are able to come to class 3 times per week for 10 straight weeks, your fitness level will greatly improve. Having said that, you must be a healthy individual and able to do a 5 km run non-stop. If you smoke, quit immediately. It is also recommended that you see your physician, and have a medical clearance prior to beginning a high intensity exercise program.

2. Will I be ready for the EPS or other agencies’ testing after these 10 weeks?

Answer: Wrong question! The questions you should be asking yourself are “Am I willing to train for optimal efficiency? Will I attend the class regularly 3x a week? Am I willing to push myself, doing my best and following the instructions?”  People show up to this class with different shapes, sizes and attitude. Some need only 10 weeks, but other may need a year or more. If you are >30 lbs over weight, chances are you will need to repeat the program. Please keep in mind that you are allowed to repeat the program if and only if you have done your best in the previous 10 weeks.

3. Are we training indoors or outdoors?

Answer: We will be training both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes we train on staircases, small hills throughout the city, or on the top of a mountain.

4. Due to my current shift works, I cannot make it 3x per week, can I still join the program?

Answer: Yes! You can, but please keep in mind that your improvement will be slow or there may not be any improvement at all.

5. If you cannot come during class time, can I come other time to workout?

Yes! But it has to be the same day as the class only.  You must also let me know at least 24 hrs prior your arrival to the Centre so that I can inform the cashier to check you in (make sure you have your photo ID ready).

6. Will you let me know when I am ready for the EPS’s physical and/or RCMP’s physical?

Answer: Yes! In fact, I will test all of you at least 3 times during the 10-week program to let you know if you meet the requirements. Most of the time, you will be trained beyond the standard requirements, and this is my training philosophy. That is, you should try to be the best as you can be. You are not here to train just for your physical and also you mental aspects. The fitter you are the better you will be coping in the recruit training class, and the less likely to get injured.


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