Law Enforcement Program

Rules/Regulations & the Philosophy of Fitness Training

Instructor: Chris Ha Ė BA Psy., BPE., ACSM HFS., R. Kin., NCCP.   Email:

Welcome to the Law Enforcement Program. In the next 10 weeks, you will be training with a group of people who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, firefighting, athletic sports, or who simply would like to bring their fitness level beyond their own perceived limits. Although each of you come to this class with different shapes, sizes and fitness levels, keep in mind that this program focuses on very advanced fitness levels, which will include virtually all fitness components and beyond, so some of you may not be ready for the challenges. However, the majority of you will fit well into the program if you are serious about your future carrier. Your regular attendance, good discipline, attitude, commitment, and effort will foreshadow your success.

Below are some rules and regulations. Please read them carefully because I will not repeat them again. Keep in mind that these are my (Chris Haís) rules and regulations for this fitness training program. They are NOT set by the City of Edmonton.

Zero tolerance behaviours:

  1. Verbal slur/abuses toward others:   If youíd like to be respected, respect others. Treat people the same way as you would like to be treated.

  1. Cockiness:  We all have our strength and weakness, so boasting your strength will surely impair your own personality.

  1. Not listening to or not following instructions:  If you donít want to train what I ask you to, donít believe what I say or ignore my instructions, donít stay in my class!

  1. Less than 100% effort  This is an advanced fitness training program which requires both mental and physical toughness. Every time you train with me, I expect 100% effort and more. Anything less than 100% is not acceptable. Regardless of your fitness level, there is always room for improvement.

  1. Selfishness:      You are not the only person in this program. Your success and failure directly or indirectly depend upon other participants and vice versa. Being a team player is crucial to the training. Your help and encouragement may or may not be rewarded, but your efforts for trying reveal your true character and personality.

  1. Whining/complainingWinners donít whine, and whiners donít win. Before complaining, first ask yourself ďWhy am I in this program? What is my career goal? Have I made enough efforts in this program?  Have I followed the instructions?Ē If you are not willing to help yourself, no one else can.

  1. Attendance/Commitment If you donít want to show up three times per week, donít sign up for this program. Leave your spot for those that are more serious than you are. We all have an emergency once in while but not every week. If you are to really have to miss a class, I need to know why. If you have shift works, I totally understand.

  1. Smoking If you smoke, QUIT! The choice is yours!

  1. Protein If I find out that you take protein powder or drink, you will no longer be in my class. Proteins are mostly needed in the Third-World country, not in Canada. When you exercise, calories are burned from carbohydrates and fat in your body. Proteins are the bodyís last resource. If your body utilizes proteins to burn calories, you are on the verse of dying.

  1. Steroid and others supplements:  Winners donít use drugs or any other supplements. Regardless of the supplements, banned or not banned, with or without side effects, you are not allowed to touch any of them. Real strength comes from within, not from supplements. You are the icons for the next young generation, so show them a good example. It is also my training philosophy of the mind over matter.

  1. Assisted chin/dip machine: If I ever see you try to do a chin-up on the assisted chin-up machine, youíre gone! Even if you cannot do a single chin-up on a regular chin-up bar, you will be given other options, but not on the assisted chin-up machine. This machine gives you nothing but a psychological dependency. Plus, it ruins the mentality of high level fitness training.

  1. Elliptical machines: These are non-weight bearing (no-impact) aerobic machines. If you use them for your training regime, you are likely to fail the running test which is high impact. During recruit training, you will only be running on the road, and stairs. So use the elliptical machines only when youíre in rehab.

  1. Recumbent bikes: These are couch potatoesí bikes with a back support and with horizontal pedalling motion! Stay away from them! Use the upright bikes.

The following items are NOT allowed to be used during the training session:

  1.  Using Disc/mp3 headsets Stay home if you use any musical headsets during training. Exercising relies on internal motivation, not external rewards.

  1. Wearing gloves Yes! It hurts the hands while trying to do some exercise movements such as chin-ups, clap push-ups or other exercises but suck it up, Princess! Pain is your best friend and your best ally. When youíre in pain, youíre still alive!

  1. Miscellaneous:  Cell phones, long nails, jeans and any other items or belongings that can interfere with training mentality or cause potential risk of injuries are not allowed.